Here is a few links you might like:

Want to see more of my writing? I’d love you to check out the blog called ‘Being Bliss’ at the link below.

Adyashanti is currently my favourite spiritual teacher.

Douglas Hardings work is brilliant. If you want to have a direct experience of being the universe with very little effort try his ‘experiments’. Richard Lang is now carrying on his teachings as Douglas has passed away.

If you only ever read one spiritual book, read this one! I basically read it over and over for about 4 years. Might be difficult to get started but once you begin to understand it your suffering begins to fall away effortlessly.

This guys book has a very similar title to mine. From the website it looks like a very gentle and beneficial approach to stress reduction. Why not check it out?

Peace comes,

When where we long to be,

Is right where we are.