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The core message of the book is that finding a place inside you that is always peaceful and calm is surprisingly easy! You don’t need to be a monk or meditate for years to experience this ever-present peace. By trying the simple meditations and activities in this book you can discover it for yourself.

Learning how to rest in the Peaceful Place can greatly reduce the stress, anxiety and suffering of life, and can also open us to deep joy and lasting contentment.

The E-book is written for both total beginners, as well as those who have been consciously on the spiritual journey for a long time. Deeper openings of the heart are always possible.

I hope that you enjoy this book. May it guide your journey home.

What is the Peaceful Place?

The Peaceful Place is a place that exists within all of us. It is difficult to describe the Peaceful Place in words, as it is something that really needs to be experienced for oneself.

Nonetheless, the following pointers can help to understand what the Peaceful Place is:

  • It is not a physical place.
  • It is a place that is permanently peaceful, and does not come and go (although our experience of this place may arise and pass).
  • It has the qualities of stillness, expansion and compassion, which are described further in the book.
  • It somehow stands separate to our experience (like a silent ‘witness’), and is paradoxically completely unified with our experience and with the physical world.
  • It can be a refuge in times of difficulty.
  • Resting there can bring great peace, joy and contentment into all aspects of life.
  • It is closer to us than our own breath.

Try the meditations and activities in the free E-book and experience the Peaceful Place for yourself!

About the Peaceful Place E-book

The Peaceful Place E-book is 35 pages long and is divided into 5 parts described below.

Part I – Beginnings

Part I introduces us to what the Peaceful Place is and where it might be found. It begins by exploring the deep inner yearning for peace that we all have, and the importance of having gratitude for this yearning. The three Qualities that can be useful guides for knowing the Peaceful Place are also described, which are Stillness, Expansion and Compassion.

Part II – Practicing Peace

Part II describes various simple meditation techniques that can allow us to have a direct experience of the Peaceful Place for ourselves. These techniques include ways of focusing our attention within on things like breathing, body sensations and the heart. There is also a listening meditation that allows us to expand our awareness wide and free. Finally an open meditation of ‘doing nothing’ is described which allows us to simply be aware of whatever arises. These meditations are designed for you to give them a try as you read, and also for regular practice.

Part III – Living with Peace

Once you have had a taste of the Peaceful Place, Part III describes ways of establishing a daily meditation practice into your life that can serve to deepen your experience of peace. Ways of working with difficult emotions and situations are also discussed, which can allow the sense of peace to be integrated into all aspects of daily life. This section of the book ends with a discussion of how the Peaceful Place can really bring us alive in this moment to experience the richness and beauty of whatever arises right now.

Part IV – Deepening

Part IV is written for those who would like to deepen their experience of peace and contentment. Various methods of self-enquiry are introduced which can help to break down our concepts of who we are and what peace is. This can bring about a profound shift in identity, where we can begin to see that peace is intimately connected with the core of our being. Rather than peace being a place we visit just now and then, peace becomes something that we actually ‘are’.

Part V – Letting Go

The final part of the book invites you to let go of all your conceptual understandings of the Peaceful Place. When we really let go of our ideas and just rest as that Peaceful Place itself, we can find a sense of peace that is permanent and not limited to being anything in particular. The peace inherent in all things can then reveal itself freshly each moment.

May each part of this book be a support for you on the journey to peace.

Peace comes,

When where we long to be,

Is right where we are.